Thursday, December 06, 2018

Australia: Wild Ride: Former NT stationhand’s crazy time during Mongol Derby - Full Article

Andrea Davy, Rural Weekly
December 3, 2018

SHORT hooves, a kind eye and something that looked like it was ready to run.

Those were a few of the features Kathy Gabriel looked for when picking a semi-wild horse for the Mongol Derby — a 10-day race that stretches 1000km across the vast country.

“But basically … I was just looking for something that wouldn’t kill me,” she joked.

This year, Kathy, who is the rural personality behind popular, and often humorous, Facebook page Experience Australian Agriculture, pooled much of her resources into competing in the iconic race.

She was injured on day three, after a fiery ride on a bolting horse that only came to a stop with the aid of two handy Mongolian horseman, and eventually pulled out by day five from a shoulder injury.

Despite this, she is determined to save again for the $18,000 entry fee and take the risk riding half-broke foreign horses...

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