Sunday, February 25, 2018

Endurance rider who used an extra set of reins as a whip is suspended - Full Article

February 24, 2018

A Bahraini endurance rider has been suspended and fined for horse abuse after the FEI Tribunal found he used an extra set of reins as a whip during a 120km race.

Whips are banned in endurance.

Khaled Ebrahim Khalil Khairi was suspended for three months and ordered to pay a fine of 2000 Swiss francs over his treatment of Happy Jack during the CEI2* race in Sakhir, at the Bahrain International Village, on January 14 last year. He was also ordered to contribute 1000 Swiss francs toward the cost of the case.

The FEI Tribunal ruled that Khairi’s actions in using an extra set of reins as a whip met the definition of horse abuse as described in the FEI General Regulations.

It emerged that the FEI had received a protest on January 17 last year in which a witness alleged Khairi had abused Happy Jack...


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