Saturday, February 08, 2014

Sabrina Arnold tops FEI World Endurance Ranking for 2013

Germany's Sabrina Arnold top the standings for the Open Riders World Endurance Ranking for 2013. The UAE's Abdulla Ghanim Al Marri was second, with France's Virginie Atger in third. USA's Cheryl Van Deusen ranked sixth.

In the Open Combination World Endurance Ranking, Sweden's Maria Hagman-Eriksson and Al Tayar topped the list. Japan's Toshiaki Hirohashi and Lucky ranked second, with Uruguay's Miguel Meireles and EO Shadi third. Two USA riders ranked in the top ten, with Cheryl Van Deusen and EBS Regal Majjaan in fourth, and Melody Blittersdorf and Synthetic in fifth.

In the Junior/Young Rider division, Malaysia's Azizatul Asthma Dato' Haji Abdullah ranked first, with Uruguay's Maria Pereira in second and Joaquin Stirling in third. Three USA riders ranked in the top ten: Christina Kimery in sixth, McCamey Kimbler in seventh, and Taylor White in eighth.

In the Junior/Young Rider Combination World Endurance Ranking, Uruguay's Frederic Maidana and JQ Zarial ranked first, with USA's Taylor White and Hoover the Mover in second. Chile's Paula Llorens Clark was third.

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