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Uruguayan Ride History

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5 September 2013
Gabriel Gamiz

From Uruguay, friends of the Endurance of that great country, where the Equestrian Endurance is a passion, I forwarded this article about the history of Uruguayan raid, so you do not know you do not love, and history must know it to be taken into account and save a respect for those who preceded us in this beautiful hobby riding.

This is the story written by Eduardo Lerena in

"Riders and our raid Amazon

Written by Eduardo Lerena .

100 years ago, October 13, 1913, first gear is disputed equestrian endurance Sarandi Grande - Florida - Sarandi Grande, reason enough to remind riders only two of the thirteen who participated, who completed the course, full of incompetence and ignorance.
The winner of the competition was Amadeo Rodriguez and second place was Eduardo Grajales.

It was two years before, silenced the harsh criticism for the excessive burden on the horses, the second test will be played again, this time to the city of Durazno, resulting Bentancour Coralio winner.

It is impossible to name the thousands of riders who have participated since 1935 to date, but just as we did in "Great horses in history", we feel an obligation and duty to appoint who, in controversial final out the winner of the 1st Raid Equestrian of the modern era, the dean "Battle of Sarandi" Don Eladio Gonzalez Cespedes, who won by a length to the eminent rider Alcides Cassani, the late "Toad", which had the great joy of seeing run the "33 East", being that his last appearance, in which he defended a position far one of his best students, Enrique Arroqui "The Twisty"...

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