Friday, July 26, 2013

USA Horses Vet In for Junior Young Rider World Endurance Championship


The 5 USA Team horses trotted out for the Vet Inspection for the Junior Young Rider World Endurance Championship in Tarbes, France today.

All the horses passed inspection. Riders will be: Kelsey Russell, Christina Kimery, Sarah Jack, Katherine Gardener, and Mary Katherine Clark. The race begins tomorrow at 6:30 AM (France time - 11:30 PM West Coast Time).

Updated starting list can be seen here:

Timing for the event can be followed here:

Live video will stream here:

Trot Outs for the US Team for the WEC can be seen here:

My Wild Irish Gold, owner Valerie Kanavy. Runner is John Crandell. Rider #90 is Kelsey Russell.

Trot VIDEO of Wallace Hill Shade, owner Amy Whelan, runner is Jeremy Olson. Rider #89 is Christina Kimery.

Trot VIDEO of FYF Dutch, owner/breeder/runner - Nicki Meuten. Rider #88 is Sarah Jack.

Trot VIDEO of AF Big Bucks, owner Pam Weidel, runner Jeff Gardener. Rider #87 is Katherine Gardener.

Trot VIDEO of Chasing the Wind, runner and owner is Mustafa Tehrani. Rider #86 is Mary Katherine Clark.

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