Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spain: Postponement of Al-Andalus Ironhorse

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

February 29 2012

From the Organizing Committee of Al-Andalus Ironhorse VII we report that was postponed until October, due to problems outside the organization, this is the note of the Organizing Committee.
"From the Organizing Committee of the Raid" Al-Andalus Ironhorse "Sorry to inform you that, for reasons beyond our control, we are forced to postpone the race until next fall.

The terrible economic crisis, coupled with the approaching elections Andalusian prevent us from accessing any financial support or media and can not guarantee the viability of our project.

We regret the disruption we have caused you and deeply appreciate all your wonderful willingness to cooperate and participate.

Hopefully the situation will soon improve and we can organize a race category and media support the sport deserves. "

Greetings from Gabriel.

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