Friday, February 10, 2012

New Zealand: Marlborough riders third in Canterbury

Last updated 09:20 10/02/2012

Marlborough Trail and Endurance club members performed well at last weekend's South Island Endurance championships at Harwarden in Canterbury.

On a new and challenging track, Anna Hynes, who lives in Westport but belongs to the Marlborough club, and Millenium Sensation were third in the 36km Intermediate CTR. Hynes finished on the best heart rates in the class but had misjudged the final 10km and rode slightly too fast, incurring 28 time faults.

Charlotte Wadsworth, 14, rode in the CEI 1* 100km Young Rider event and was also part of the Trans-Tasman New Zealand team. Charlotte had a very exciting gallop finish with the other Kiwi junior and finished in an impressive time of 5hrs 44min 04sec.

Charlotte's horse, Avaasha NZL, then went on to win the Best Conditioned Horse award for this Young Rider class. The Australians just won the Trans-Tasman Challenge, their three top scores beating New Zealand's by 1min 47sec.

Heidi Bulfin on Stonelea Sparkling Rose and Robyn Hill on Silands Rhaffety, competed in the CEI 2* 120km ride. Hill won the class with Bulfin runner-up, the first competition for both at that level and the duo rode most of the four-loop ride together.

It started at 5am on Sunday and travelled over fairly testing terrain. Hill's time was 8.27.07 seconds and Bulfin clocked 8.27.41.

The Marlborough riders beat some more experienced horses in their class even though everyone rode fairly conservatively in this one, mainly aiming for completions.

The vetting standards are very tough in endurance with just the slightest niggle being enough to put a horse out. Hill's horse was also awarded best conditioned.

Out of 56 total entries there was a completion rate of 69 per cent which is good as riders tend to push their mounts a bit more than usual.

- The Marlborough Express

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