Saturday, February 11, 2012

Belgium: Pre-Ride for FEI European Endurance Championship for Young Riders & Juniors

On the saturday 28th and sunday 29th of April, Mont Le Soie will organize a series of competitions for senior and young riders, all in FEI classes. This will be a unique opportunity for the national squads to discover the competition.
Everyone knows of course how important it is to prepare well in advance all details concerning their participation to a big event.
The competitions on the saturday will count at the same time for the Belgian Championship: the CEI***160 for seniors and the CEI**YR120 for young riders).

On the saturday 28th of April, 4 international competitions:
° CEI**YR120km and CEI*YR100km
° CEI***160km
° CEI**120km.
On the sunday 29th of April, 2 international competitions:
° CEI**120km
° CEI*100km.

Mont Le Soie is a hilly and tough ride. The venue is located on the top of a plateau (elevation 550 meters). There are several hills on each stage, some being easier than others. The elevation graphs gives a good idea of the route. There are easy stretches where horses will canter easily, there are tough descents and gruelling ascents.
The going is mostly hard, so it is highly advisable to shoe the horses accordingly. The trail comprises large forest pads (used by forestry equipment), narrower trails (mostly going up and down the hills), dirt roads in the open ranges, asphalt roads when crossing the villages.

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