Friday, September 02, 2011

Namibia: Walvis bay hosts Africa endurance race

30 August 2011

WALVIS Bay Endurance Club plans to host the Annual and Senior Rider Africa Championships tomorrow.

The event, courtesy of the Namibian Endurance Race Association is the ultimate endurance challenge over the highest dunes in the world.
The distances for the endurance range from 45km to 120km through the outskirts of Walvis Bay to the salt pans, dune 7 and along the beach. This ride is not only one of the most spectacular in Africa, but also an endurance ride in the true sense of the word. Rider and horse have to endure all aspects of the vastness and solitude of the Namib Desert. Currently there are over 220 entries from all over Southern Africa.
Organisers urge the public to come and support the club and riders. Lunch will be made available. For more information, contact Zelda von Schauth on 081 127 7578.

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