Friday, September 02, 2011

Compiegne - should we come back (again)?

From Leonard Liesens

This is a new post in a new column. Don't expect a self-congratulation newsletter or similar. There are enough on the Net. Grogallo raised the issue in some old posts. Here they are. here.

This week-end in Compiègne was not brilliant for the Belgians. Except for the Van Cauter brothers, but they were riding horses brought from Spain by the Belgian team vet Peter Wijnendaele. We have to come to the conclusion that either we don't have the horses or we don’t have the means to compete seriously in Compiègne.

This 2011 vintage —can we use this word for horses?— was impressive in quantity and quality of the horses brought to the-always-magnificent-venue of Compiègne. The Gulf states have showed some of their best recruits —mostly French-bred horses— trained in the professional French stables. Of course, as they use to do so, they were in the lead of the race from the beginning. Beside the best UAE, Bahrain and Qatar's horses, there were some of the best French horses ridden by the professional riders who were not working as crew for the Arabs teams.

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