Thursday, September 15, 2011

Endurance Europeans – France take team Gold

13/09/2011 By fhc

Virginie Atger, Sunny Demédy, Julien Goachet and Bénédicte Santisteva took to the podium to receive the team Gold medal for the French at Florac this weekend.

In the Individual In the individual race multi-medalist for Spain, Maria Alvarez Ponton,riding his exceptional horse Nobby. The silver medal went to Germany’s Sabrina Arnold on Beautiful Ox and the bronze medal for French Pierre Fleury who ran as an individual with Kergof owned by Stéphane Fleury.

The winning team consisted of:-

Virginie Atger on Antall de Jalima ,

Sunny Demedy on Nerval de Beders , owned by Delphine Johnson and Marc Labrunie

Julien Goachet riding Lubiana de Coat Frity , owned by Jean-Pierre Le Hegarat

Bénédicte Santisteva on Djour de Bozouls , owned by Marcel Mezy

Virginie Atger also was awarded the prize for the best condition...

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