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The British Equestrian ID Service, for Riders, Horses, Clubs and Property

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The British Equestrian ID Service provides personal identification for horse riders, their horses and their property. It allows the rider to store vital information on an online profile which can be accessed by the BEIDS 24/7 Emergency Support Team in an emergency. Still wondering how this can help you? Read on for the benefits of BEIDS to riders, their horses and their riding school.

To riders:

* BEIDS provides riders with the peace of mind that if they are involved in an accident they will receive the most effective treatment based on their medical conditions, requirements or the medication they are currently taking, information that is included in their online profile.
* Riders can be reassured that if they are involved in an accident their next of kin will be contacted and informed of what has happened to them, who’s looking after them and where they have been taken, e.g. hospital.
* BEIDS Hat & Property Badges can also be used as an effective way of identifying a rider’s property and increasing the chances of it being returned to them.

To horses:

* By attaching a Horse ID Toggle to your horse you know that if it bolts or escapes, whoever finds it will easily be able to find out who it belongs to, who needs to be contacted and where it should be returned to.
* Their vet’s contact details can be added to the online profile in case the horse is injured.
* Information about the horse’s dietary needs, medical information and temperament can also be added, basically any information that could be useful to the person who has found, or is looking after, the horse.

To riding clubs and schools:

* If members email their profile to their riding school, club or equestrian college they belong to it means that group leaders and teachers will be able to keep an organised record of their students’ medical details and next of kin contact information. This information could prove vital should there be any kind of emergency situation.
* As the information can be updated by the rider at any time, club leaders or instructors will be safe in the knowledge that they always have the most up to date information.
* This system could also prove beneficial at events, when you either have visiting riders or your own riders are on a trip. In these situations event leaders are unlikely to know all of the riders personally and therefore wouldn’t know of any medical conditions or who to contact in an emergency. Using BEIDS would work in a similar way to the British Eventing medical armband card but would be able to provide more detailed information.


The British Equestrian ID Service (BEIDS – exists through a unique partnership with the British Horse Society, British Eventing, British Dressage and Endurance GB.

For further information on the service please visit the BEIDS website where you can find more information, find out how to sign up and how to get in touch.

You can also become a fan on Facebook (, follow us on Twitter @BEIDS247 or visit the Alert ID Group blog (

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