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2011 Mongol Derby Has Been Won - Full Article

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After a week of adventures, injuries and some of the toughest horse riding in the world we have a winner. Craig Egberink of South Africa who led the field for most of the race has crossed the line in first place. In what turned out to be a nail bitting finish Sanbayier who had been catching up over the last few days of the Derby crossed the line just 2 minutes later to claim second place. Below is the listing at the moment. These take a while to calculate with accuracy as we have to cross check all the results and timings from each station. As soon as we can give you full details we will publish them live here.

All the riders are now at the finish and the 2011 Mongol Derby has come to a close.

1st Craig Egberink

2nd Sanbayier

3rd and 4th Bayinmuenke & David Ha (positions to be confirmed)

5th Jo Dawson

Crossing Sunday around midday was a group of 7 riders (positions to be confirmed):

Owen Patterson

Rose Patterson

Olivia Swingland

Kevin Pricemoor

Richard Allen

Tyga Helme

Jason Tse

Coming in towards the end of Sunday our last 3 riders crossed the line,

Sophia Mangalee

Frederique Schut

Ronald Van Der Velden

Of the 23 riders who started this year's Mongol Derby, only the 15 riders in bold above were still in the competitive race for the finish.

Riders who did not make the finish-line on a horse (they are all fine and most are at the finish line now for the party tonight):

Paul Erskine

Regina Bueno Ros

Borja Jimenez

Cara Barnes

Tommy Tsui

Marcus & Sarah Chenevix-Trench

Barry Armitage

More news, and radio interview with the winner here:

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