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Spain: Shortlist for the European Championship 2011 Absolute Raid - Full Article

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Ten riders and eleven horses listed in the shortlist for the European Championship Absolute Raid 2011, to be held next September 10 in Florac (France). This provisional list are eight of the top ten in Spain Absolute Championship this year, including the three medalists.

Rounding out the relationship María Alvarez and Otto Velez. Reigning World and European champion is the only pre-selected appears with two horses, while the frame of reference Rider Stud El Palancar is second in the national rankings, failing to be counted points that joined in the Championship of Spain.

The shortlist for Quico Yebra, communicated by the FEI on the last day of June, is as follows:

* María Álvarez Pontón / “Nobby”-“Elvis Hab”
* José Luis Ruiz Hidalgo / “Al Gharbe”
* Anna Mª Yebra Altimiras / “Calzadilla”
* Oriol Casals Fores / “Zarha de Vilaformiu”
* Iván Autet Casas / “Faref Bugati”
* Francesc Xavier Casellas Calm / “Arizona de Lafon”
* Otto Vélez Castrillón / “Pal Partenon”
* Marta Pujadas Sala / “Urra da Figuereda”
* Laia Muixi Crusellas / “Flyng Tornade”
* Rut Comas Molist / “Balkany”

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