Thursday, June 02, 2011

Jean Louis Leclerc to work as consultant for the Brazilian Squad

It seems that Leclerc is accumulating the duties. After being fired (well, the official reason was that he was set in early retirement, but Leclerc now openly claims he has been sacked, and we can understand he is not very happy with that) by the French federation just before [the 2010WEG in] Lexington, the national trainer accepted a job as trainer from the German federation. When he was giving a lecture at the Belgian forum in February, Jan-Louis told us that his mandate with Germany wouldn't occupy him full time and that he was looking for other occupations. Brazil has since several years developed privileged contact with France, thanks to exchange programs between riders developed by Guilherme Ferrera. That's why many Brazilian riders could be seen in action on French events.

Leclerc will work for Brazil as technical advisor, helping the team to select and train a squad for the PanAm (in Chile) and the World Yound Riders Championship in Abu Dhabi.

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