Saturday, June 11, 2011

XXI Brazilian Championship

Step 3 of the Championship of Endurance 2011
Free Speed ​​and Regularity

Interstate Cup Teams (Regulation at the end)

Regional directors and team leaders from each state.

As has been widely reported, starting this year we will have with the Brazilian Championship, Copa Interstate Teams and the regulation will be awarded as the best teams entered in the trials of 160 km and 120 km (Adults and Young Rider)

Teams from each state can be formed with up to 06 sets of these,
05 and 01 will participate in joint assembly is discarded after the initial inspection of the trot.

Will be required a minimum of 03 teams entered in each category (160km and 120km) to happen for the dispute.

The CBH will make a cash prize for the Champion Team and Vice-Champion of 160 km and 120 km-adult.
The Young Riders category will not receive prize money.

We ask interested parties to form their teams and forward to the director on behalf of CBH enduro, Olaf Maciel. The deadline for these entries is displayed up to 20 days prior to.

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