Sunday, February 06, 2011

India: Thorough breds win first equestrian endurance meet
Parth Shastri, TNN, Feb 7, 2011, 12.39am IST

AHMEDABAD: Thoroughbreds outshone Marwari and Kathiawadi horses on their home turf. However, the organizers of the first edition of Gujarat's 20 km equestrian endurance competition at Santej near Ahmedabad were happy to make a mark on the national circuit. A 61-year old rider from Ahmedabad won first prize at the event.

Anish Gajjar, founder of Equestrian Club of Gujarat and organizer of the event, told TOI that the event saw participation of 18 riders in the main category, 10 juniors and two women participants. "The event had Kathiawadi and Marwari horses in addition to thoroughbreds and Sindhi breeds. Thoroughbreds are traditionally known for their discipline and will to stick to the end. Homegrown Kathiawadis are sturdy but more mercurial. However, with more and more such events and more training by the riders, we believe that they will make the mark on the national scene," said Gajjar.

RB Pande, an equestrian trainer at a school in Ahmedabad, stood first in the open category riding a thoroughbred. Purvi Shah was first in the women's category also on a thoroughbred while Vijay Patel stood won the junior category in the saddle of a Marwari horse. Marwaris came a close second to the thoroughbreds in winning prizes, said organizers.

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