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FEI Year End Rankings 2010

January 31 2011

Two French riders topped the Meydan Open Riders World Ranking for FEI year end results. Virginie Atger, who was ranked fifth in the world last year, topped the list in 2010 by just 14 points over fellow Frenchwoman Sarah Chakil.

In 2010 Atger won a number of rides, including the CEI*** 160-km Sommant and 160-km Rambouillet in France. She also finished 10th in the World Endurance Championship in Lexington, Kentucky.

Chakil won the 160km CEI*** Landivisiau and Florac in France. Chakil and Sakalia finished 8th in the World Endurance Championship in Kentucky, boosting the pair to a year-end 4th place ranking in the FEI World’s Top Open Combination.

14-year-old SAS Alexis was the top ranked horse in the FEI Meydan Open Horse World Ranking. The horse had 5 starts in 2010, finishing first in a CEI** 120km in Bahrain, two 2nd places in CEI*** 160-km rides in England, and a third in the World Endurance Championship in Kentucky.

2nd ranked horse in the FEI Meydan Open Horse World Ranking was 10-year-old Ciel Oriental. The horse had 5 starts in 2010, with 3 wins in England at 120 km, 130 km, and 160 km, and a 2nd place finish in the World Equestrian Games.

The very popular Double World Champion, and reigning European Champion, 15-year-old Nobby, ranked 32nd on the list. He had two starts on the year, a 4th place in 2010, a 160-km in Dubai in April, and first place in the World Endurance Championship in Kentucky.

Meydan Open Riders World Ranking:
1 - Virginie Atger - France - 1149 points
2 - Sarah Chakil - France - 1135 points
3 - Maria Hagman-Eriksson - Sweden - 1106 points
3 - S.S Faleh Nasser Bughenaim - Qatar - 1106 points
5 - Hamdan Bin Mohd Al Maktoum - UAE - 1089 points

Meydan Open Combination World Ranking:
1 - Ann S. Hall and HCC Zara RR - USA - 404 points
2 - Alex Luque Moral and Koheilan Kincso - Spain - 372 points
3 - Joao Raposo and Titanic - Portugal - 357 points
4 - Sarah Chakil and Sakalia - France - 349 points
5 - Carlos Cunha and Quinza - Portugal - 339 points

Meydan Open Horse World Ranking:
1 - SAS ALEXIS - 504 points
2 - CIEL ORIENTAL - 475 points
4 - GROSO HLM - 411 points
5 - AMIR - 408 points

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