Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chris Yeoman's President's Cup Adventure - Part I - Full Story

8th February 2011

Chris is riding in the President’s Cup in Abu Dhabi this weekend on ZT Richshakfy otherwise known as “Ricky”, her talented grey Argentinian gelding who completed his first FEI 160km last year. After months of preparation, Chris, Ricky and the crewing team, headed up by husband John, have now arrived in Abu Dhabi and Chris has sent us this report back.

“We started our journey well. The flights were ok except I was sat opposite a guy that was ill and sick for a lot of the time - yuk yuk yuk!!! That kept me from eating too much on the flight I can tell you! Anyway John and I met up at the airport as planned and made our way to the hotel. We were supposed to be picked up by the hotel but they never turned up so we got a taxi.

We arrived at the hotel at 2am UAE time on Sunday morning the 6th and they were expecting us (that was a relief… bearing in mind their failure to collect us from the airport!)

However, the hotel is undergoing a major makeover and they are building a whole new wing so peaceful it is not! Drills and hammers are going all day every day.
Day one for 3 hours during the afternoon they even turn the water off - great!!

On the evening of the 6th Nikki (Malcolm) and Philip (Hirst) arrived, having been held up in London due to bad winds in Germany!...

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