Saturday, March 27, 2010

The miracle that is Amigo - Full Article

March 28, 2010
by Neil Clarkson

The owner of endurance horse Amigo has praised the outpouring of support from an ever-growing fanbase as the Arabian continues his remarkable recovery from a shocking injury.

The Tennessee horse now has more than 8000 fans following his recovery on Facebook, and owner Gary Sanderson describes them all as wonderful people.

Amigo's fans have rallied to raise $US20,000 toward Amigo's vet care, including an anonymous donation of $US11,600 from out of state.

Gary has put $US10,000 on a special animal-care credit card, meaning the $US30,000 in veterinary bills so far accrued have been covered.

Amigo has been in the care of the large animal clinic at the Univesity of Tennessee since his January 17 accident, in which he was impaled on a branch in his pasture in Luttrell.

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