Monday, March 08, 2010

Germany: German Endurance Championships in June

The CERA Challenge German Endurance Championships for Juniors and Seniors will be held 24-27 June, 2010, in Dillingen, Germany.

The championships will be organized by Best Endurance - Belinda Hitzler and Stephan Schelldorf.

The route will be easy and mostly flat with excellent the trackside. Perfect to qualify horses gently. The routes will lead the riders through the picturesque Danube Valley, bordering on mild hills through magnificent forests, back through the level to Dillingen.

Our goal is that all operators would be faced with excellent opportunities to be able to show endurance racing at the highest level.

The excellent infrastructure, with nice hotels, camping and restaurants makes it easy for guests and riders easy to feel at ease. (More information on Dillingen and hotels, they see

For more information on the ride, see Best Endurance or contact Belinda Hitzler at or Stephan Schelldorf at .

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