Monday, March 02, 2009

Virginia Rider Leads Virtual Endurance Race

Virginia rider Flora Hillman, winner of the 2008 Very Virtual March Maddness Endurance Race, pulls into a narrow lead in the first week-end of the race. Riding in a driving snow storm, Flora holds a 6 mile lead in the event over two riders from sunny Arizona.

"My poor pony must have thought I was insane - riding out in 25 degrees with high winds blowing snow sideways and a wind chill of 10 degrees. But I so wanted to try out my extreme weather gear -- and am delighted to say I was warmer than a polar bear in Florida in July!

Only problem was my expedition parka's hood wouldn't allow me to turn my head, and since I was riding on the gravel roads (to avoid the snowy fields) and the wind was howling so that I couldn't hear anything else, it became a bit of a safety issue. So we only did 7 miles, but...I was deliciously toasty warm (verging on hot!!) from tips of toes to the top of my head."

More than 50 intrepid endurance riders from around the world are participating. The event runs for the entire month of March and can be found at:

My-Endurance.Net and Endurance.Net

Ride Far - Ride Well!!

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