Tuesday, August 19, 2008

USA: Nominated Riders for Malaysia WEC

The USA squad which will travel to Malaysia to compete for medals at the 2008 World Endurance Championship in Malaysia, November 6-9 will be selected from the following nominated entries. The squad, or Definite Entry list will be submitted to the WEC Organizing committee no later than October 1.

The following horse rider combinations are the nominated entries for

1. Kathy Brunjes - Theatric
2. John Crandell - HH Saba Shams
3. Cheryl Dell - Reason To Believe
4. Lisa Green - LR Amana Tabi
5. Ann Hall - Bogus Thunder
6. Valerie Kanavy - King Ali Gold
7. Valerie Kanavy - Flash Flame
8. Heather Reynolds - Cal Flaming Emit
9. Meg Sleeper - Syrocco Reveille
10. Meg Sleeper - Shyrocco Troilus
11. Ceci Stasiuk - DJB Sombreiul
12. Jan Worthington - Golden Lightening

Congratulations to the 12 nominated entries.

A big thank you goes to to all the riders who nominated for Malaysia and
worked hard to try out for the team.

Warm regards,

Becky Hart
Chef d'Equipe
US Endurance

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