Monday, August 11, 2008

Canadian Championship 2008 Results

Rocky Mountain Challenge website

Partial Results 100 Miles:

Place Rider Time
1 Gail Jewel 14:18:54 Best Condition
2 Sue Summers 15:42:33
3 Carol Giles 15:42:34
4 Jan Marsh 15:42:35

Place Rider Time
1 Jan Marsh 15:42:35
2 Crystal Fulcher 18:17:15

Place Rider Time
1 Kelsey Kimbler 18:17:17
2 Jaylene Janzen 18:17:18

Place Rider
1 Gail Jewel Best Condition
2 Sue Summers
3 Carol Gile
4 Jan Mars

Individual Canadian Championship
Place Rider
Gold Gail Jewell DVM
Silver Trisha Dowling DVM
Bronze Crystal Fulcher

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