Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dubai: A fast 120km


1. Hassan Bin Ali (Al Jamaal Jafar) 4 hrs 50 mins 17 secs:
2. Omair Hussain Al Beloushi (Koringkloof Indian Star) 4:56.24;
3. Mohammad Rashed Saeed Al Subose (Kishon Zeal) 5:11.09;
4. Hamad Mohammad Al Ahbadi (Agecroft Jos) 5:15.20;
5. Roshan Ali Shiraj Khan (Le-Wardi Daneska) 5:16.10.

Ali's fast pace guides him home

Hassan Bin Ali victorious in endurance race

Endurance has changed, says winner

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Anonymous said...

damn they´re fast!

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