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3 July 2007, Kuala Lumpur - The fifth annual ride of the much anticipated Edaran Endurance Classic will be held from 26--29 July 2007.

As the foremost endurance ride in the country, the EDARAN ENDURANCE CLASSIC has decided to hold its 2007 ride at the Terengganu International Endurance Park in Lembah Bidong, Setiu, Terengganu, the venue of the World Endurance Championship 2008. This decision was made to give full support to the world event.

This year's ride will be jointly organized by Yayasan DiRaja Sultan Mizan (YDSM) and Edaran Digital Systems Berhad (EDARAN).

Edaran Endurance Classic 2007 takes on a special significance and will provide the opportunity for riders to obtain their certificate of competitiveness (COC) to be able to participate in WEC 2008. At the same time it provides foreign riders the opportunity to familiarize themselves to riding conditions in tropical condition.

The ride anticipates a good number of riders including international riders who will be training to qualify for the WEC 2008. Foreign riders who have regularly participated in the EDARAN ENDURANCE CLASSIC rides have continued to bring with them a wealth of experience and skills in the sport of endurance riding.

"Foreign riders present real benefits to the sport of endurance riding in Malaysia through the sharing of knowledge and technical ?know-how' and we are happy to welcome them to our rides," said Dato' Abdul Hamid Mustapha, the Joint-Chairman of the organizing committee.

"We are most privileged and honoured to have the involvement of YDSM as Joint-Organiser of this year's ride, especially because the State of Terengganu will be the Hosting State of WEC 2008. The keen and committed involvement of the YDSM has enabled the organizing committee to hold the event outside of its traditional base in ar-Raudhah Equine Centre, Selangor. This is indeed a most valuable and exciting experience for all involved in the event ," said Dato' Hamid Mustapha.
WEC 2008 - An Opportunity to Showcase Country's Capabilities
"Winning the bid to host the WEC 2008 did not come without effort and due credit must be given to His Majesty The Yang DiPertuan Agong for playing a key and major role in winning the bid. It is now the responsibility and duty of all of us to ensure that the WEC 2008 is held successfully if Malaysia is to enjoy the benefits of hosting this world class event," said Dato' Hamid Mustapha.

Dato' Hamid added that main objective of the EDARAN Endurance Classic 2007 is to keep the momentum of international interest in and awareness that is building towards WEC 2008 in Terengganu.

" We believe that Malaysia's hosting of the WEC 2008 is a chance in a lifetime opportunity to showcase our country's capabilities as a host and organizer of a world class sports event like the WEC" said Dato' Hamid .

"It is our hope that through rides like the EDARAN ENDURANCE CLASSIC 2007, we will be able to contribute towards a successful hosting of WEC 2008. " added Dato' Hamid.

Joint -Chairman Dato' Seri Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor applauded EDARAN for choosing to hold the Ride at the official venue of WEC 2008. He said that this year's Ride has also been ideally timed to build up momentum for the official trial ride that will be held in November this year.

"The YDSM is very happy to be involved in the Ride. Holding the event in Terengganu will not only provide riders the opportunity to train and familiarize themselves to riding conditions in Terengganu but equally important, it will provide the opportunity for our local support crew and event managers and organisers to learn and prepare themselves for the WEC 2008. This ride, in many ways, can serve as a ?trial' event from which we can identify areas that may need further improvement and preparation for the WEC 2008," said Dato' Seri Dr Salleh Mohd Nor.

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