Thursday, July 12, 2007

FEI Endurance Task Force Starts Work

July 12, 2007 FEI Press

The six selected Chairmen of the newly established FEI Endurance Task Force held conference calls over the last two weeks to discuss and agree on their respective timetables and reporting procedures.

Each Chairman, together with their two co-members, will now start to review the various areas which have been designated to each Division.

Specific email addresses have been established so that National Federations can send any comments and suggestions they may received from their members directly to the Task Force Chairman.

Regular reviews will take place each month after the respective Chairman has provided the FEI with an updated report on the progress achieved. These reports will also be featured on the FEI Endurance Web pages.

A fuller report will be issued in October 2007 which is the half way point in the review process. The final report is scheduled to be released in March 2008 when the proposed new rules will be circulated to National Federations for comment and feedback.

Those new rules will come into force in January 2009.

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