Sunday, July 15, 2007

FRA: New Champions of France

Celine Schwart on King Farhoz de Paute achieved the Championship of France on Saturday at the St. Galmier course. They held a steady pace with a group of 8 riders through the day. The final phase of the race saw a speed of greater than 23 km/hr as the 2006 Champion Jack Begaud on Kheopsy du Pilat pushed hard.

Verginie Atger on Kaena and Jean Luc Riou on Lasco du Prat both pushed hard to catch the front runners, competing the 6th phase in 24.51 and 24.76 km/hr respectively, but fell a bit short. a 1 second differential between Begaud and Atger, followed by Riou 10 seconds later decided 2,3,4 in this 164km endurance race!

1 - Celine Schwartz on King Farhoz de Paute
2 - Jack Begaud on Kheopsy du Pilat
3 - Verginie Atger on Kaena

Detailed timing and overall results of the 54 starters (with 29 competions) from 10 countries maybe found at:

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