Thursday, April 15, 2004

USEF: An Open Letter to the FEI.

An Open Letter to the FEI.

Arthur W. Priesz, Jr., Esq.
USEF Vice President of Endurance

It is with a deep sadness and regret that this letter is drafted. However, too often issues within the Endurance Discipline are dealt with out of simple expediency or, worse, in the self-interest of those involved. This has been especially true Internationally, and occurs too much at home as well. Unfortunately, when it happens Internationally, it is displayed on a much broader and more visible stage. This must stop. We need debate, not to determine a “majority” position, but to determine what is “right” in keeping the Horse first.

Representatives of the United States Equestrian Federation attending the FEI General Assembly in Paris in April will be prepared to publicly debate these issues, and others. However, this open letter to you will also be distributed to other Endurance Nations to encourage debate and consensus regarding these issues. This is another unfortunate moment for this discipline, especially following the Paris Endurance Forum of only 13 months ago and the preceding disasters at Jerez.

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USEF Comments on proposed FEI Rules Changes:

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