Thursday, April 01, 2004

Brazil: Haras Endurance International

Bragança Paulista, State of São Paulo
by Cidinha Franzão

The first FEI ride of this year in Brazil will be held next Saturday and Sunday, April 3 and 4, on the Haras Endurance, in the city of Bragança Paulista, State of São Paulo.

The events includ a 160 km CEI***Adults (2 x 80km), a 120 km CEI** Young Rider, a 80 km CEI*Adult and a 53 km ride with Adult, Young Rider and Junior divisions.

The course offers opportunities to develop good speed, plus mountains and beatiful landscape.

The winner of 160 km will have his name recorded on the Elizabeth van Schelle trophy - a person that has battled for growth of endurance not only in Brazil but in Latin America -, which was instituted in 2001 and adds a plate with the winner's nme each year. The trophy remains at its home in the Federação Paulista de Hipismo and the Best Condition Horse will have his name engraved on the Roberto Fernandes Trophy - known in Brazil as "Our Dear Guru" -, which pays homage to the best equine example of Brazilian endurance.

The trophy, that was instituted in 2001, will be part of Haras Endurance each year and will reeive a plate with the name of the horse who takes the Best Condition Award in the free-speed division. coverage
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