Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Fireworks 50

On Behalf Of Sandy. Holder

The recent Fireworks 50 was a great ride (location, food, EVERYTHING -
which I could write an entire story about and will - soon). It was a tough
ride as my boy and I are only used to 25/30 mile rides. He's only in his
second season of long distance riding and this was a real test/effort for
us both. Tally and I came into the last vet check and he'd been doing quite
well all day. When we came in, Kiki and Peter - two wonderful volunteers,
assisted us (no crews were allowed). And although Tally had been doing
well (EDPP stuff), we'd lost our last tube of electrolytes. My concern
grew as I remembered that the last 7 miles were going to be tough (river
crossing, steep inclines/declines, sand, etc.) and it had gotten hot. In
addition to that, I'd finished off my last water bottle w/ e-lytes and knew
that Tally would have to carry us back without me getting off.

Well, all I can say is, there are endurance riders and there are great
endurance riders, and there are a lot of definitions for dividing the
two. In the end, two great endurance riders offered and shared their
e-lytes (even use the same brand) at that check point, and I know in my
heart that it made all the difference to my boy on that long final phase of
the ride. At least one of them are heading to the Pan Am's, and even if I
can't remember your name, I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. So to
you, and to all of those who share with those of us still learning (advise,
e-lytes, etc.), a big THANKS!!!!

Happy trails to all of you,
Sandy (who finished 'lame') and Tally (who but for a B in gut sounds had
all A's at the end)

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