Wednesday, August 13, 2003

2003 PanAm Pacific South Zone Squad

Pacific South Squad and Alternates:

Brenda Brinkly/Windswift Taabi
Karen Bottiani/Movin' on Blues
Jonathan Bowman/Heigh Ho
Dave Cootware/Talasmans Cruzer +/
Nancy Elliott/Rbar Silver Storm
Carolyn Hock/GT Sando
Alexandra North/CV Butter Bea
Judy Reens/Benjih
Tammy Robinson/TR Sharkee
C.Louise Smith/Nelm's Sundance
Jeff Townsend/Kann Sam Count
Dennis Tracy/San Ffrancisco

Nicole Wiere/Rebel Fire Bask
Suzanne Ford-Huff/Chase Thewind AH

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John Teeter
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