Wednesday, August 13, 2003

2003 PanAm Mountain Zone Squad

Mountain Zone Squad and Alternates

Kim Abbott, AZ Zionastar
Karen BinnsDicamillo,NM RGS Snickerman
Crockett Dumas, UT OT Moniet Nessous
Pat Gisvold, MT Tezero's Khadesha
Bev Gray, UT Regalidon
Suzanne Hayes, MT Tezero's Gold
Suzanne Hedgecock, UT AA Montego
MJ Jackson, UT Eden's Bay Rum
Alexandra Luck, NM Mommesin
Martha McMurray, ID Crona Prince
Christoph Schork, ID DWA Sabku
Stephanie Teeter, ID Jaziret Bey Musc


Susan Obermeyer, CO Devosion
Abigail Allen, CO Barbaria
Linda Fisher, CO Misttique
Mark Daily, CO Big Sky Tezmartu
Joanne Thomas, CO Counts Magic Spel

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