Wednesday, August 13, 2003

2003 Swanton Pacific results

On Behalf Of Barbara McCrary

I have tried several different approaches to posting SP results and all of
them have failed. Mostly the server says the files are too large. So I'll
distill it down to particulars:
Linda Dollar placed first in the 100 miler, Joyce Sousa in the 75
miler. B.C. in the 100 was won by Lori Oleson on Aleclipse, owned by Becky
Hart, and Alexandra North on CV Butter Bea took B.C. on the 75.
The weather was wonderful, and the moonlight was bright
that one could almost see colors. It was a beautiful day.
There were no metabolic pulls; only one horse pulled for lack of recovery
in the allotted time, the rest were lameness. No horses were pulled at all
until Cascade V.C., and that's well into the ride. Quite remarkable. The
vets were delighted with the care given the horses by their riders, the
wise pacing and the quality of conditioning.
A minute number of riders picked up on the flagging a 50k race on the same
day; their trail crossed ours in one place. But the riders soon got back on
trail. A few riders connected with the usual yellowjacket's nest, but we
had Benedryl along with us for just such an eventuality. All in all, the
ride went very well and we had an extremely high finish rate in the 75: 36
starters 32 finishers. The 100 started 25 and finished 17. We were
generally quite pleased with the way everything went.

Barbara McCrary
Ride manager, Swanton Pacific 75/100
"The most beautiful trail in the world"

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