Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 6: Grit and camaraderie

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Outlaw Kate
8th August 2023

As usual , the Day 6 on the steppe started with some interesting weather. A heavy fog had descended, adding a very Game of Thrones-esque eerie atmosphere and riders and crew alike were nervously checking over their shoulders lest a white walker catch them unawares. By mid afternoon, however, the atmosphere had lightened noticeably, and the fog cleared up to reveal Mongolia’s signature blue skies punctuated with small puffy white clouds towards the horizon.

Our resident Swedish Viking Linda LHE held the lead throughout the day. It’s a well-earned lead and nothing has come easy to this intrepid rider: she has had a kick or two but has marshaled on without a complaint. We’ve met quite a few tough characters through this race but she may be one of the toughest thus far. According to the crew she’s battle-hardened and has definitely shown the world that she means business...

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