Sunday, August 13, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 10: The final chapter - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
12th August 2023

It’s been a long journey for these riders who set out 10 days ago to pit themselves against 1000km of rugged steppe and relentless weather, not to mention a selection of the feistiest and finest horses that Mongolia has to offer. For some, the journey began months or even years prior: commitments have been rearranged to accommodate training, piggy banks have been emptied to fund the travel to the steppe, all to satisfy the drive to become one of a very select group of riders who have experienced this event. It’s no wonder that we often say that to make it to the start line is a big win in everyone’s book, and to ride any length of the Derby is something to be very proud of. In the words of one of our illustrious alumni Kevin Price-Moor, “More people have climbed Mt Everest than have competed in this event. This is our Everest.” Thus we salute all our riders, no matter where they placed. You are all very much winners in our book...

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