Thursday, August 10, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 8: Gunning for the finish - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
10th August 2023

Day 8 dawned bright and clear with the promise of another scorcher out on the steppe. Crew and riders alike were feeling the heat and stern warnings were given to all by the medics to hydrate well and often. Water for the riders is provided at the horse stations and they are cautioned to purify any other water they come across out on the steppe prior to drinking.

Water is a precious resource in this part of the world; it is essential for the health of their livestock and families will often move to where there is a good reliable source of water. Although our course is set well in advance, we occasionally need to move a horse station location slightly to accommodate the fact that the herding family needed to move closer to better grazing and water. It is a good reminder that the steppe is still home to many nomadic people with no fixed address. Such a great cultural experience for our riders...

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