Monday, February 27, 2023

Revised Press Information from Clean Endurance

27 February 2023

The press information as released yesterday regarding the Butheeb 2022 FEI World Endurance Championships has been revised in view of belated information that a horse died soon after the event.

Clean Endurance is saddened that after it queried the FEI it received confirmation of the death of SORAYA PEU 106FR51, an eleven year old mare from Spain.

SORAYA died in the early hours of February 26th, the night following the event, while being transferred from the Butheeb venue to the Dubai equine hospital.

Clean Endurance has asked the FEI if the official results which show the horse in 6th position will be amended to Catastrophic Injury, and whether the rider and trainer will receive the associated penalty points.

The FEI was not able to respond at the time of writing, although they did confirm that blood samples were taken and a post mortem will take place.

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