Monday, December 19, 2022

World Endurance Riders Told to Manage Pace Following Test Event - Full Article

Four of 13 starters completed the test ride for the title race in the UAE; footings expert to assess part of the natural desert track.

By Cuckson Report // Pippa Cuckson | December 18, 2022

Changes to parts of the track for the reallocated FEI World Endurance Championship in Butheeb, Abu Dhabi on February 25 have been proposed following last week’s test ride, the first 160-km ride at the venue in over 30 years.

Footings expert Dr. Lars Roepstroff will assess the track next month “to quell any remaining concerns” and in the championship itself there will be six loops (instead of the test ride’s five) to enable more horse recovery time, plus extra watering points.

The test ride saw just four of 13 starters complete, plus longer presentation times as horses that managed to progress beyond the third loop began to tire...

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