Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Great Britain: Meet the winning endurance rider who can tack up her horse with her toes - Full Article

H&H spends a morning with Philippa Verry at her yard situated between Dartmoor and Exmoor

Martha Terry
26 December, 2022 08:32

Philippa Verry is an extraordinary horsewoman, not that she’d like you to think of her as exceptional. She’s ridden at Olympia, hunted throughout her life with various packs, and – in her late 50s – turned her hand to endurance riding, and winning. All this without the use of her arms, since she was born without them as a side-effect of thalidomide. But Philippa has never let this apparent disadvantage deter her from achieving anything she wants in the equestrian world.

“I am not disabled,” she says, when H&H visits her Devon yard. “I can do whatever anyone else does. I have never had any problem doing anything; some jobs just take me longer. There’s always a way if you want to do something badly enough...”

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