Sunday, December 20, 2020

Rose Sandler, World Traveler, Adventurer Dies at 39 - full article

By Sophie Panzer -December 17, 2020

No adventure was too daunting for Rose Sandler. The Pipersville native went diving in the Caribbean, hiking in Patagonia, lobster fishing in Maine and camel riding in the Gobi Desert.

She rode in countless horseback races. She completed the 655-mile Mongol Derby in 2014, competed in the 250-mile Race the Wild Coast in South Africa in 2016 and was named “rookie of the year” in the 100-mile Tevis Cup in California in 2017.

Sandler, a materials specialist, also suffered from mental illness and spent years battling depression. Her parents, Jay and Lisa Sandler, flew out to her home in Poway, California, in July to escort her back to Bucks County when it became clear her condition was getting worse.

She died by suicide on Nov. 23. She was 39...

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