Friday, December 04, 2020

Equestrianists World Series Launched

The Equestrianists WORLD SERIES
The World's greatest horse racing series

December 3 2020

Welcome to the new home of the world's toughest horse races. The Mongol Derby, created by The Adventurists in 2009, pioneered the new sport of long-distance multi-horse adventure racing. The Gaucho Derby took the format to Argentine Patagonia...

Today the Equestrianists World Series has been launched as a new company to pick up the baton and create the greatest equine racing series possible on our planet.

Our goal is to find and celebrate those unique places where horses, humans, and history coexist in cultures that have defined our relationship with these majestic animals through the ages. It’s a series of races that will test the horsemanship and endurance of riders in new and unprecedented ways. This is the Equestrianists World Series.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re letting you in on the fact that we have begun the planning for the next race in the series - in North America. Stay tuned for details…



Our new home and brand new website for all the horse races

Let your friends know- The Equestrianists are here.

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