Wednesday, March 18, 2020

‘Interfering’ organizer to stand aside at World Endurance Championship - Full Article

San Rossore in Italy can continue to host September's medal event but organizer Gianluca Laliscia must be ‘hands off’ and FEI will appoint all officials.

By: Pippa Cuckson
March 18 2020

A controversial endurance organiser accused of interfering with the decisions of judges and vets is being allowed to keep the 2020 world championship ride – but he must stand aside and allow the FEI to appoint all officials.

The conduct of Gianluca Laliscia ‒ proprietor of San Rossore in Pisa, Italy ‒ has been the subject of much speculation following incidents last fall, and the FEI notified him about possible disciplinary action.

But while reallocation of the 2020 worlds to another venue was clearly an option, the FEI is “mindful that the disciplinary proceedings against Mr Laliscia (including any appeal) might not be resolved until after the 2020 Championship,” and that the endurance community ‒ whose 2018 championship at Tryon was cancelled when leaders had medals within their grasp ‒ needs certainty.

San Rossore has strong ties to Dubai, with Meydan as title sponsor, and has been the subject of previous controversy...

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