Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ana Whitehead: New Zealand's Young Endurance Talent - Full Story

25 March 2020

Ana Whitehead is the world’s best young Endurance athlete, holding the No.1 position in the Young Rider world rankings since the start of the year.

The New Zealander, who will turn 18 years old in May, developed an interest in long-distance riding at a young age and is planning on travelling the world to hone her skills and enjoy new and exciting trails when she completes school later this year.

Here we speak to Ana about her love of the sport, her magical and tough horses and what the future holds for her…

“I have grown up around horses ever since I was little. I live on a sheep and beef hill country farm about an hour from the nearest town,” she says.

“Endurance is a sport that the whole family can be a part of and I think that through the support that I receive I’m able to thrive and work to achieve my goals...”

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