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Claire King comes second in the ultra-endurance multi-horse race - The Gaucho Derby

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23 March 2020
By Jonathan Leighfield @JonnyLeighfield
Sports reporter

WILTSHIRE’S Clare King picked up silver in the ‘world’s toughest horse race’, The Gaucho Derby.

In early March, King took on 23 other riders from around the world in an ultra-endurance multi-horse race that crossed the mountains of Patagonia and the Gauchos in South America.

Though she narrowly missed out on the title, experienced rider King showed why she had picked up a third in the Mongol Derby in 2013 with some exceptional survival skills and a true determination to run eventual winner, Marie Griffis, extremely close.

Explaining the multitude of skills a person needs to be successful in this race, as well as the Gaucho culture she experienced, King said: “Every single decision affects your adventure and in turn your survival..."

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