Monday, November 19, 2018

The Timid Rider Sponsors The Gobi Desert Cup Best Sportsmanship Award

[Red Bank, New Jersey November 16, 2018] Heather Wallace, the Timid Rider, is a returning adult equestrian seeking to inspire and motivate others with confidence in and out of the saddle through her book, Confessions of a Timid Rider, her blog, and her social media.

She is proud to announce that The Timid Rider is the official sponsor of the Best Sportsmanship Awards for the 2019 Gobi Desert Cup, taking place August 27 - September 6, 2019, in Mongolia. Every day a rider will be chosen who motivates and supports others on their journey. At the closing Awards Ceremony, an award for overall Best Sportsmanship will be presented to the rider that showed exemplary sportsman-like behavior throughout the entirety of the race.

Heather joined the Gobi Desert Cup in 2018 as the Media Consultant to provide writing and photography. She loved every moment and is further inspired to help others pursue their passions and test their limits. During her time with the event, she challenged herself to sleep on the ground, take camp showers, eat exotic food, and even race a Mongolian horse in the Officials Race!

As a proud part of the official Gobi Desert Cup team, Heather is pleased to share each rider’s journey in the worldwide press as well as sponsor an award that is so important to her mission.

Video announcement.

About The Timid Rider
Heather Wallace is a returning adult equestrian struggling with confidence in the saddle. She left riding due to anxiety as a teenager and returned as an adult after having her first child with no less tension, but the determination to pursue her passion and time to herself. Follow Heather’s journey on The Timid Rider while she struggles to let passion be greater than her fear.

Heather has written for many publications including Holistic Horse Magazine, Sidelines Magazine, Endurance World, Sport Endurance Evo, and Equine Info Exchange. Her book, Confessions of a Timid Rider, was an Amazon best-selling book in three equestrian categories and the #1 Hot New Release in “Equestrian.”

About The Gobi Desert Cup
Co-founded in 2017 by FEI 3* Endurance Rider, Camille Champagne, the Gobi Desert Cup is a 480-kilometer multi-stage endurance race through the Gobi Desert, riding Mongolian horses every day for six days over 50 miles. This challenge is the only one of its kind to combine endurance while positively supporting Mongolian nomadic culture and their horses before, during, and after the event.

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