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Chile: Very technical tracks at Bio-Bio cup - Full Article

1 November 2018
Race Report made with the assistance of Andre Alvarez

Salto del laja place – Bio-Bio, Chile. Saturday 27 October 2018. Last weekend the Bio-bio cup was celebrated near to Salto del laja place. This is a special event because the competition took place in the south of Chile. Usually the endurance races are held in the central zone of the country and most of the time through famous vineyards.

Yet Bio-Bio is different; a beautiful district where woods are the main scenario.

Riders love this place because of the flat tracks, an excellent condition for the horses, and easy to measure good speeds. However this time everybody was surprised. Following the FEI recommendations the competition was quite different from last ones. The track was much more complicated, with a lot of variation in surface types. Deep sand and also the weather were big influencers too to make it harder for the riders.

At the end of the day the most experiment riders won every FEI category. Lukas Buckel one of the few elite riders in Chile won the 160km category...

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