Sunday, November 25, 2018

FEI, UAE vet tells of time at forefront of equine welfare developments - Full Article

November 23, 2018

A pioneering horse vet who was at the forefront of several landmark equine health and welfare developments in the sport horse world has published his memoirs on his time in the industry.

When Irish veterinarian Alex Atock, 86, began his first job in regulatory veterinary medicine as a racing official, he would not have guessed that one day his lifelong affection for horses would impact how horse sports are conducted worldwide, and that his advocacy for their welfare would improve their treatment near and far.

As a pioneer of international equine health regulation and welfare for several organizations such as the FEI, World Horse Welfare, the Irish Turf Club and the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation, Atock initiated programs and wrote policies still endorsed and followed by regulatory veterinarians and stewards around the world.

Now retired, Atock has put away his passport, and picked up a pen...

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