Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Great Britain: Annie Joppe’s endurance blog: what is wrong with people? - Full Article

Annie Joppe
10:55 - 30 May, 2018

Chiara is now on a three-week break whereby she enjoys her time in the field with regular grooming and pampering in the form of massages and physio.

One serious issue came to light at Windsor which was that neither her numnah nor her girth was doing her any favours with rubs in strategic places. This is not as easily rectified as it might seem; everything will now have to be checked, the saddle refitted, new numnahs (pure orthopaedic wool, of course) and establishing why her very expensive girth rubs and what the solution would be. She is so fine skinned that perfection is really the only option and these issues only show up after she has covered a considerable distance...


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