Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Adventures on Horseback: Horses from around the world, in our backyard - Full Article

By Catherine Hunter
May 2, 2018


This weekend, I met people from Denmark, Dubai, Guatemala, Japan, Ireland, Oman, Lebanon, Iraq and other places from around the world. They were all speaking different languages and all working to help each other.

It occurred to me again what an amazing place we live in. Here, in Tryon and the Foothills, we welcome horse lovers from all over the planet. We take in those fleeing hurricanes and we open our very doors to volunteers coming here for the World Equestrian Games.

On Saturday, I was able to witness a checkpoint for the Endurance qualifying event for the World Equestrian Games. It was amazing to see these riders and horses from all over the world. Hot blooded Arabs on the muscle, slender riders making sure their horses get water, stewards and volunteers directing the horses and riders onto the right trail.

I was especially appreciative of the Columbus Fire Department who was on duty from early in the morning until late in the evening. They stood out in the sun all day, handling the traffic to be sure the horses could cross the roads safely.

There was a film crew from Dubai with a cameraman from Lebanon and an assistant from Asheville, working on a documentary. Just think, people on the other side of the globe will be seeing pictures of Green Creek...

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